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Friday, December 17, 2010 % 7:13 AM

my recent catch :]

Thursday, August 12, 2010 % 1:19 AM

Hey Monday - I Don't Wanna Dance (Official Music Video)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010 % 12:35 AM

today class damn fuck up everything also chairman wrongs wtf man being a chairman does not have gd life in sch sey kns. hmmm now tat i am at home wat am i gonna do ??? think go sleep better haha later at night wan go play basketball hahaha .

rmb tat wat u do to me i promiss myself tat u will do back to u .
u all like to play sabotage right bring it on man i love to play games (:

Monday, August 9, 2010 % 9:51 AM

just reach home just now go watch fireworks with friend and cousin haha
when toy store catch soft toys haha $3 catch 7 of it haha so easy sia haha
miss little tea pot wanted 1 so i promiss to give her in de end she take 2 bustard sia haha
give her chance arh see her so short haha ...
now it time to sleep bed calling me leh tmr i got sch some more sian sey haha

tis is de soft toys i catch 2 more stitch little tea pot take liao.
tis is de left over 1 haha
will upload de photo soon wanna knw who is miss little tea pot ??? haha u will knw when i put de pic up she became so short sey hahahahaahahahaha just about 9months ago onli sey hahahah rofl ...
tis is miss little tea pot hahaha look like right haha
u see de different between 9 months ago and now she become shorter sey haha

Sunday, August 8, 2010 % 9:11 PM

nth much today at pandan caught 2 peckcork bass but both of them jump n de hook came off damn it , i think de hook on my lure too small leh need change to a bigger 1 haha . i am having fun with my bait casting sset up haha still learning how to use hehehe so damn cool damn fun sey haha wwwwooooootttsssssss. (Y)

% 8:06 AM

today went work in de morning end work at 6pm dad suddenly call me go home myself bo bian go take 174 from work place back to jp it took me 1hrs siak , my backside pain bohdoh haha . then went meet rsr and fit chit chat for a while ju went home take shoe head down court shoot2 ball. 9pm like tat ju went home leh as my injury is still there have not fully recover so didn't play so much haha .

1st my ankle hurts
2nd my wist blue black
3rd arm pain
wat next ????
pls recover asap bah
de feeling is really pain full

Friday, August 6, 2010 % 9:00 AM

i am almost there just a little bit more touch up and i will be like de pic on top finally i am reach there (Y) .... i need my ankle to recover asap no choice icg is coming bo bian arh.. tmr morning should i go market with my grandma or go play ball at cck with coach leh ??? sian idk sey

i saw her today but wat to do ??? idk
should i go make friends back with her
or should i just let it be tis way
i really dk leh sian
y am i still thinking of all tis things
when i already make my choices
damn it!!!!!

Breaking Away, {♥}

Nicholas OJH Oh J ia Hao
Hotmail / Friendster
wat i really wish for {♥}

(1) my first bait cast set up
(2) no more malay gf i allow NO MORE
(3) play well for my icg games
(4) slim down
(5) more fit
Sing to the break of dawn, {♥}

Kiss Good-bye {♥}

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